Aiden Dillard is a Sunday butterfly painter, retired trash filmmaker, and hardworking truck driver based in NYC who hails from the mean dirt roads of North Carolina though was born within spitting distance of the Mexican border in California. Aiden received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2003 on a full scholarship from The Cooper Union (New York, NY) back when it was free. From 2004-2014, Aiden made five terrible but artistic low-budget horror films in New York and Florida, many of which were distributed by the world’s oldest independent film studio, Troma Entertainment Inc. (www.troma.com) of New York City. Following a personal tragedy, Aiden turned to the solitary and spiritual pursuit of Butterfly Painting as a creative outlet to joyfully investigate the secrets of life, love, change, & metamorphosis that only the butterfly knows. Fortunately Aiden has got his groove back since fluttering back up to the boogie-down Bronx, and he is now committed to promoting the cause of racial integration, which shouldn’t even have to be a thing in America in 2018.


Solo Art Exhibitions

2018, “Butterfly Pictures” at St Charles Projects in Baltimore, MD

Group Art Exhibitions

2018, “Our Words Will Be Heard” in Modell Performing Arts Center at the Lyric, Baltimore, MD

2010, “The Collabo Show” in Miami, FL

2009, “The Collabo Show” in Miami, FL

2009, “MyPAC” at Clinton Hill Art Gallery in Brooklyn, NY

Film Screenings

2015, “Death Print” at Locación Cristo Salvador in Havana, Cuba

2012, “Death Print” at  O Cinema in Miami, FL

2011, “Meat Weed America” at Cooper Union Alumni Film Festival in New York, NY

2010, “He Smoked Marlboroughs” video installation, collaboration with musician Robert Constable at “Refractory” exhibit at Tampa Armature Works in Tampa, FL

2009, “Death Print” at The Colony Theater in Miami Beach, FL and Cinema Paradiso in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

2009, Video projections on the side of the American Airlines Arena, home of The Miami Heat.

2008, “Special Angelz” at The Borscht Film Festival in Miami, FL

2008, “Meat Weed Madness” at Nightlight in Chapel Hill, NC

2007, “Meat Weed Madness” at The Wolfsonian-FIU Museum in Miami Beach, FL

International Feature Film Release on DVD & Digital Streaming from Troma Entertainment

2015, “Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre”

2007, “Meat Weed America”

2006, “Meat Weed Madness”


2011-2012,Ballscarf“, noise-music collaboration with musicians Jay Hines & Nick Ruiz, in numerous punk-rock music clubs throughout Florida, including several iterations of the decades-long running International Noise Conference at Churchill’s Pub, and artist Carlos Rigau’s venue General Practice, both in Miami.

2010, “Fool’s Gold” solo performance at the annual fundraiser for The Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami, FL


2013-2015, Resident Artist (and handyman) at Cousin’s Trailer Park in Lumberton, NC

2004-2007, Resident Filmmaker (and handyman) at Camp Nest in Hudson, NY

Selected Bibliography

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Links to full online reviews, and more, are listed on each individual Movie page of this website.


1999-2003, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Cooper Union, New York, NY